WIFI – Women In The Film Industry

There is a real recognition across Europe of the inequality with in the film industry and a genuine desire to remove this historical, entrenched bias. For young women, with an eye to a future within the industry, it is crucial that equality is embedded into their reality. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed to encourage and copper fasten the resolve of women to tear through the celluloid ceiling. The Women In Film Industry (WIFILM) project seeks to address a number of issues highlighted by women in film themselves as being major contributing factors to their low representation in this industry sector which has an annual global budget of in excess of 100 billion dollars.

WIFILM will develop a curriculum comprising 5 short-form 'taster' courses that outline the key administrative, creative and technical roles and positions in the film production process; a case study library of successful women in film will be developed for use as an active guidance resource; an in-service training programme will be developed for VET tutors; and a WIFILM MOOC and Community of Practice.