Hacking the Code for Women in STEAM - STEAMY WONDERS

The aim of the STEAMY WONDER project is to pilot a multi-faceted educational intervention targeted at women of all ages to address these issues. It seeks to achieve a greater gender balance in the STEAM sector by;

  • promoting a culture of scientific thinking among women using evidence-based reasoning for decision making especially where career planning is concerned;
  • provide appropriate and tangible role model case studies to ensure women have the confidence to participate in an increasingly complex scientific and technological world;
  • develop a bespoke toolkit of resources for women that address competencies for problem-solving, innovation, analytical thinking, critical thinking, spatial awareness relating to STEAM subjects;
  • provide guidelines to human resources managers that enable gender-neutral recruitment, retention and promotion in the STEAM sector.

STEAM is one of the critical sectors of the economy in all EU Member States and as a sector it needs higher female participation rates for sustainability.