Performing Arts Entrepreneurs - STARDUST

STARDUST partners are of the opinion that building business acumen within the performing arts sector is both a worthwhile and timely intervention. The range of opportunities now open to performing artists to build sustainable careers in their chosen artistic discipline has been profoundly increased by the technological developments of recent years. There are now national and international markets open to almost every individual artist on a scale that has only previously available to a very small, select few.

There is however a note of caution that must be taken into consideration as although performing artists are generally considered as a group, within the performing arts sector there are different sub-sets that will have different needs and different potential opportunities to exploit. In response to this the STARDUST consortium are proposing the development of a bespoke, multi-faceted entrepreneurship training curriculum that will have specific modules tailored to the needs of 3 distinct groups, namely; Musicians; Dancers; Actors. The modules that will be tailored to suit the needs and address the opportunities for each of these sub-sets of the performing arts sector will be accompanied by a full set of relevant, more business acumen focused curriculum modules.