GRETA - Challenge-based Learning in Primary Schools for Climate Change Awareness

Greta Thunberg, age 17, began learning about climate change when she was 8, and began her school strikes to raise awareness about climate change when she was 15 years old. This shows the power and influence that young people can have on raising awareness about climate change if they are educated about the issues and impassioned to make a difference. The GRETA project will support primary school teachers to take on this challenge, by providing bespoke up-skilling opportunities to allow them to integrate innovative learning resources into their teaching practice and to develop their own challenge-based learning resources to raise awareness among young pupils about the climate. It is important that households and parents are educated on climate issues so that they can reduce their household consumption, make behavioural changes and help to reduce global carbon emissions. It is for this reason that the GRETA project will develop a ‘whole-school’ programme for primary schools to empower pupils, teachers, school leaders and parents to take the climate change challenge and to change their habits and behaviours for the sake of the planet.